What supplement burns fat the fastest?

What supplement burns fat the fastest?

Having excess fats in the body has almost become an epidemic and everyone is on the run, trying to figure out how they can get rid of those fats. There are so many supplements that claim that they can get rid of fats, but we can never be sure whether they work or not.

It is therefore very important for us to conduct a thorough research before we go out there and buy them. An alternative is to seek advice from a qualified physician on the right supplements to use.

The second option sounds costly to many since they would have to pay a consultation fee, and therefore many people tend to do their own research through the internet.

The internet is the best source of getting any information, although not all the information there is verified. It is therefore very important for one to do thorough research, including checking out reviews by some of the users that have actually used the products.

If you can find users from your city that have actually used the products, meet up with them and find out how the supplements worked for them, and the sort of side effects they are getting, if there are any.

Now, in answer to the question above, what supplement burns fat the fastest? The answer is that it is not really known because there are so many products on the market, and they might react in different ways on different people.

We are therefore going to name some of the most commonly used fat burning supplements on the market.


This is probably the most used since it is easily available being that it is found in tea, coffee, cocoa and other beverages on the market. Caffeine boosts the metabolism of the body by up to 11%, increasing the burning of fat in our bodies by up to 29%.

The downside of caffeine is that it is highly addictive, reduces the quality of sleep, and has other side effects on some people such as nausea, anxiety, vomiting and many more. Many of the supplements in the form of pills contain caffeine, although I would rather go for plain natural coffee or tea to do the trick for me.

Orlistat (Alli)

This is a drug that is sold over the counter. And it works by inhibiting the breakdown of fats in the gut. In the process, the intake of calories becomes less. This pills are known to increase weight loss by at least 2.6 kgs.

This supplement comes with other benefits such as the reduction of blood pressure, and reducing the chances of acquiring type 2 of diabetes by 37% according to studies. The downside of Orlistat is that it comes with a number of side effects.

Top on the list are the frequent bowel movements that are hard to control, loose stool and flatulence amongst other. To minimize these side effects, a low-fat diet and increasing a low carb diet is recommended when you are using this supplement.

Raspberry Ketones

This is the substance that is found in raspberries, and responsible for their scent. A synthetic version of this substance is the one that is sold as a supplement. It works by breaking down fats and increasing the levels of Adeponetin, a hormone that is associated with weight loss.

No studies on human beings have been done using this fat burning supplement, but they have reduced the weight in lab mice. The side effect is the raspberry smelling burps that you might come across.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This refers to the unroasted coffee beans, and they contain two substances that are responsible for burning fat, caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut, while the high metabolism rate of caffeine is good for weight loss.

According to a study conducted on three, it made someone reduce more than 2.5 kg more than placebo, a sample dummy. The coffee bean extract comes with other benefits that include the reduction of blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels. It is also known to contain antioxidants.

We discussed the side effects of caffeine earlier. Chlorogenic acid on the other hand can cause diarrhea. There are also some people that are allergic to the green coffee bean extract.