Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet: Will it Really Help You Lose Weight? Review

Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet: Will it Really Help You Lose Weight?

The Struggle of Losing Weight

It has been proven time and time again that everyone is pretty unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all product that can really get the job done for whatever people are struggling with. This is true, especially for weight loss.

Not all diets and weight loss regimens are for everyone. There are select methods and even products that work amazingly for some but won’t work for others. This is largely because people have different things going on in their bodies that can really affect metabolism and hunger.

This is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that tailor-fit regimens are the best ways to lose weight. Celebrities easily bounce back to their svelte figures after childbirth because of these, making them look even more superhuman to the regular folks.

However, having a specially designed regimen can cost a lot. You’ll need your own dietitian and trainer for starters and their services can cost a lot. So, how can a mere mortal afford to lose weight effectively and safely without breaking the bank?

The answer here is a good diet program and an understanding of how your body works. There are so many available right now that one of them is bound to work for you. However, trying them all out will be costly, so knowing what will most likely work for your body is a good way to get the job done.

Reading reviews will give you a good idea, but if that still feels like a lot of work for you, then you might want a specialized program like the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet.

What is the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet?

Working on the premise that not everyone processes food the same way, the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet is a weight loss regimen aims to bust fat by addressing different metabolic types. Created by a world-class kinesiologist Gary Watson, the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet has shown tremendous results in users that it has catapulted to fame recently.

Being an expert in the science of the mechanics of body movements, Watson knows that folks respond differently to the very same routine and diet. His 25 years of experience helped him learn about the three different metabolism types, leading people to respond to diets and weight loss routines in different manners. Addressing these differences make it possible for people to lose weight more effectively and quickly.

While it’s not much unlike other diets as it will have you subscribe to a regimen and will have you consume controlled portions of food and hormones, it’s easily backed by science so there’s nothing fad or quack about this program. It’s entirely up to you how it will work as you’ll need to do certain changes to see great results.

The idea behind the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet is that your metabolism has a lot to do with your fingerprints, thus the name. As no two persons have the same fingerprints, it means that your metabolism is quite unique as well.

However, they can be categorized into three types: fast-oxidative, medium, and slow-oxidative. Tailoring a weight loss regime to a specific metabolism type guarantees great results, so it offers you a special, tailor-fit routine according to your metabolism type.

Aside from your metabolism, this diet also looks at your body’s hormones. Hormones have a great control on your metabolism, so activating the right ones are essential if you want to lose weight. Doing so can be tricky, though, as other activities can easily counter each other and amount to nothing if done incorrectly.

This diet is highly specialized and makes use of common biological concepts that are often neglected by other weight loss programs because they seem too complicated. With the body being as complex as it is, these things shouldn’t be ignored as they really play a big part in altering how your body processes its food consumption and fat burning.

What the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet is Not

Before we go any further, it’s best to note that the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet is not any of the following:

  • It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” diet.
  • It won’t starve you to slim down.
  • It won’t make you count calories and stress you out that you’re eating too much with your every bite.
  • It won’t leave you hooked on a pill that will make your weight yo-yo once you stop taking it.
  • It’s not a miracle pill or program that will magically make all of your body fats disappear.

What It Promises

If you haven’t come across the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet before, what you should know about it is that it promises effective and fast weight loss. This diet is formerly known as the 3Week Fat Blast, so you’re guaranteed to see results immediately if you decide to follow this program.

This diet is actually designed for folks who are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, as they tend to have more problems in losing weight and dealing with their metabolism. People in these age groups often find it difficult to lose a significant amount of weight as their bodies are already subjected to much abuse.

There’s also the fact that they’ve already accumulated a lot of fat and developed so many bad habits and even illnesses to get rid of. The Fat Burning Fingerprint is a diet that promises to show results in a flash without compromising one’s health for these folks, making it worth a shot.

How Fat Burning Fingerprint Works

The idea behind the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet is pretty simple. So much so that some people say that the information it offers can be easily found online as facts given out by experts. This may be true but it’s not actually a bad thing.

In fact, it further proves that this program is backed up with scientific facts. This is not a weakness of the program but it actually proves its worth as a solid diet program that can really help you shed some pounds.

So how does it actually work? Let’s break it down into three parts as detailed below.

Determine Your Metabolism Type

If you choose to subscribe to the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet, the very first thing you’ll have to do is to fill up a short quiz. This questionnaire will ask you questions about your eating habits and weight gain to help determine what your metabolism type is.

This is possibly the most important part of this diet. It also makes it pretty unique. As other diet programs all care about is to sell as many products they have, they totally neglect the fact that every person’s body is unique and different.

They only sell a generic program that all hinges on eating healthy, exercising, and taking a food supplement. Some might deviate a little from this formula, but they’re often just a routine of starving yourself dry to lose weight.

With the Fat Burning Fingerprint, you will have to get to know what your metabolism type is first. This will be the core of your weight loss regime, letting you know what you need to keep in mind to find the techniques that will actually work for you.

Subscribe to a Program that Matches Your Metabolism Type

Once you already know what your metabolism type is, you’ll be redirected to a new chapter that will detail what you need to do to lose weight. The guide is packed with information about different metabolic types but you don’t have to do everything if you already know what will work for your body. You only have to subscribe to the chapter for your metabolism type and you’re good to go.

What makes this a great program is the fact that this program won’t confuse you with so many things to do and remember. The instructions are pretty straightforward and you can rest assured that it’s specifically crafted for your body’s needs.

This means that you don’t have to stress yourself out thinking what you did wrong every time you scale yourself because this guide will only give you the right things to do to shed some pounds off.

Another excellent selling point for this diet is the fact that it tells you exactly what your body needs to lose weight. No more having to cut out carbs entirely and subsisting on fruits to lose weight. No more depriving yourself of burgers and lean meats just because they’re believed to be not good for you.

For some people, carbs and meats can be pretty harmless, making one-size-fits-all diets useless. With the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet, you have a solid idea of what’s good and bad for your metabolism so you can have a clear vision of how you’ll eat and what you need to do to get the bikini bod you’ve been dreaming of.

Increase Production of Specific Hormones

Because this program recognizes the role of specific hormones in weight loss, it will also teach you want to do and what to eat to trigger the higher production and release of the hormones cortisol, leptin, and insulin.

Hormonal imbalances can definitely affect your weight loss process, and these three are directly related to weight loss so you need to deal with them accordingly. But how do three hormones play into the whole equation?


Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol is guilty of converting blood sugar into fat for long-term storage. While it also keeps you awake for fight or flight situations, it can be very detrimental for your weight loss journey. Fighting stress and keeping your cortisol levels low is key to shedding some pounds off.


This hormone is best known as the body’s messenger to the brain that you’re already full. Having it at the right amount will help you eat in small portions, but having too much of it can overwhelm your system and make your brain ignore its message entirely.

This will then make you think that you’re very hungry and make you eat more, thus leading to weight gain. What you need is to keep this hormone in check so it can do its job magnificently.


Best known as the hormone that regulates insulin, this bad boy needs to be at the right level so your body can properly convert the food you intake to energy and not fat. This can even lead to metabolic malfunction which will really make you gain weight and even damage your system.

With a program that will keep these three hormones in check, you can boost your metabolism and lose weight without any dangers to your health. Doing this on your own will be pretty complicated, so a program developed by an expert will surely help make things simpler for you.

Avoid Metabolic Malfunction

The very root cause of weight gain is metabolic malfunction, which is, in simpler terms, your body’s inability to burn what you eat. If your body keeps storing what you intake as fat, you’re in big trouble.

Not only will it make you fat, but it can also affect your health and make you develop different illnesses. Preventing metabolic malfunction will resolve this problem, letting you lose weight for certain.

What’s Included in the System

With so much great potential, you might already be interested in the Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet. If you choose to subscribe to this program, you can get the following:

  • A 3-minute assessment to determine your metabolic type.
  • The Fat Burning Fingerprint Diet program packed with tips and meal plans for your new weight loss regime.
  • The 7 Super Fat Burning Hormones guide.
  • The Bermuda Triangle of Foods: Three Foods You Must Avoid guide.
  • The Fat Burning Fingerprint Fast Track guide.
  • A 60-Day Money Back guarantee.

Should You Give it a Go?

With such a scientific approach to losing weight, the Fat Burning Fingerprint diet may just be the program you’re looking for. If you don’t get results from one-size-fits-all programs, this has a great potential for helping you shed some pounds off.

As it’s very affordable and won’t require you to take a lot of additional supplements, it doesn’t have a lot of risks for you to try. It even has lots of good reviews, so why not give it a shot? Who knows, this might just be the very program that can transform you and give you a healthier and slimmer body.