Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan Review

Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan Review

Often times, diets fail because it’s natural for people who need to lose weight to want to eat. Since most folks who are struggling to lose weight are more partial to consume food more than taking steps to burn the energy they’ve been processed into, it’s pretty safe to say that the biggest challenge for a lot of dieters lies in their love for food. Eating less is a massive obstacle to many and eating better can be quite inconvenient for some people.

If this is exactly the very reason why you think you need to lose weight, then a program that will help you manage your relationship with food will be very helpful. If you can learn to eat better and know what to do so you won’t eat a lot in one sitting, you’ll be able to lose weight without a hitch.

Eating better or less can be a massive challenge today for so many reasons. For one, instant food is so unhealthy. They’re brimming with preservatives and artificial flavors that can have lots of bad effects on the body if consumed in large amounts.

Two, they’re often served in large portions. So if you don’t have anyone to share a large meal with, the only options you have is to waste food, eat all of it, or take them home to forget about in the fridge. In any case, eating conveniently means eating a lot of junk.

If you want to eat better and lose weight in the process, you’ll have to be an expert, a rich person, or someone who has a lot of free time. If you’re none of the above, are you doomed to a life of fatness? Well, not exactly.

Diet programs like the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan are available to help. Unlike other diet programs in the market today, this one attacks your excess weight by helping you eat better. Packed with great meal plans, you can rest assured that you won’t be deprived of great tasting and enjoyable meals while trying to lose weight.

What is the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan?

What exactly is the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan, you might be wondering. Simply put, this is a diet program that focuses on what you should eat if you’re trying to lose weight. It’s more of a diet plan slash lifestyle change guide. While it doesn’t really tell you what exercises to do, it can be the perfect companion to your new gym membership.

Others may also consider the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan as a fitness cookbook. As it is packed with recipes that are good for your body and your weight loss regime, it can definitely serve as a resource for people who are just looking for an easy way to start eating better.

However, it’s a lot more than just a healthy cookbook. Subscribing to this program can also help you get custom meal plans and instructions in how to create your own fitness plans that match great meals for your workout regime.

Another great selling point about this program is the fact that it also has a fitness self-help portion. So you’re not only provided great recipes to help you lose weight, but you can also get a lot of motivation to stick with the program. This ensures that you’ll really see the program through and achieve good results.

Crafted by Danette May, a certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, author, and fitness model, you’re guaranteed that the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is actually made by an expert who knows everything there is to know about fitness, weight loss, and a healthy diet. Unlike a lot of other diet programs, you can count on this one to be a safe choice since it is created by an expert in the field.

It’s not something made just because a random fitness enthusiast found an effective way to lose weight and decided to share it with others. This program was created with scientific information, research, and rational thought, so you can be sure that there’s no harm in giving it a shot.

Thanks to its format, Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is something you have to drop once you’ve already reached your goal weight. Since it is a healthy eating guide, you can stick with it for as long as possible and you can continue to eat healthily and keep the weight off.

It’s a very sustainable program, preventing your weight from yo-yoing, which is a massive issue for most dieters. This makes this program not only effective but long-lasting as well.

What the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is Not

To help you better understand what this diet program offers, here’s a list of the things that it’s not:

  • This program is not designed to deprive you of eating, especially if you enjoy the activity.
  • It doesn’t have exercise routines included but it can be used in tandem with a workout plan.
  • It’s not crash diet course. It won’t tell you to skip eating but will give you better techniques in losing weight without having to deprive yourself of good meals.
  • No calorie counting with every bite.
  • No need to slave away at the gym. You can use this diet program alone but if you want to pair it with a regular workout routine, you can very much do so, as mentioned above.
  • No need to purchase expensive kitchen equipment. If you have a fully-functioning kitchen, you won’t have to buy additional tools to use with this diet program.

What It Promises

What can you get out of the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan? Here are some of its great promises:

Over 160 Healthy Recipes

While there are so many healthy cookbooks available today, you might be wondering what makes this program special. This is actually one of the best reasons why the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is amazing. It is loaded with so many healthy recipes for you to enjoy that it can be hard to get tired of them all.

Unlike other healthy cookbooks, the sheer amount of what’s included in this diet program is already a steal for its price. Some cookbooks won’t even have half of what’s contained here, leaving you improvising or repeating the same recipes on a regular basis. This can lose the charm and magic of eating healthy, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to eat something different on a regular basis.

The great number of recipes will also help you save money. Since there’s already a lot to work with in this guide, you won’t have to get additional healthy cookbooks to spice up your meals and try something new.

5-Ingredient (or Less) Healthy Recipes

A lot of people worry about eating better because it usually requires complex cooking skills and methodologies. While this is true, it’s not always the case for the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan. Sure, it will need you to know how to cook and prepare meals (if you don’t, you can always practice and watch tutorials anyway), but nothing will be overly complicated. Besides, most recipes in this plan only use five ingredients – sometimes even less!

This guarantees that the recipes are extremely simple. No more need to spend a lot of money on so many ingredients and slave away in the kitchen for hours just to prepare a healthy meal. The recipes included in this guide are all mouth-watering and with the right balance of proteins, fats, and carbs.

They are all crafted to build lean muscles and get rid of stomach fat so you don’t have to worry about what you consume anymore. As long as you stick with this diet, you can be sure to lose weight without having to skip meals.

Easy Sustainable Lifestyle Change

Eating better is definitely a lifestyle change that most people needs to make. However, doing so blindly is difficult. Finding the right ingredients and recipes to create a low-calorie meal is trickier than you would imagine.

So a guide like the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan can really come in handy, especially to those who are just trying to expand their culinary horizons and create better meals for themselves and their loved ones.

Fitness Self-Help Resource

Settling into a routine can also make someone lose their motivation, especially when it comes to weight loss. Some people get bored and lose their drive to shed some pounds. This is why the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan comes with a self-help portion so you can monitor your progress and push you to continue working hard for your goals.

A Diet that Feels Like an Anti-Diet

In the perfect world, no one has to sacrifice eating just to lose weight. Sadly, most diet programs today are defined by their techniques to help you minimize or even completely eliminate your need to eat. This makes Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan pretty much the “anti-diet” since it will tell you to eat 6 times a day instead of not eat at all. Sounds great, right?

How the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan Works

With such wonderful promises, you might feel compelled to start this program right away. However, you might want to know first how it works. So, here’s a quick overview of how this program can really help you lose weight.

1. Purchase the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan from the official website.

Purchasing the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan is as easy as buying anything else on the web. It only takes a few clicks and taps to process your purchase. You’ll need to enter your credit card details to pay for it.

2. Download the package.

After you’ve completed the checkout process of your purchase, you will be sent a link where you can download the PDF files of the guides included in the package. It’s now up to you how to access them.

You can easily have them printed out for a hard copy, but you can also just read them on your computer or mobile device. Choose whatever’s convenient for you so you won’t be hassled with how to access the program.

3. Start cooking and eating healthy!

Because this diet program doesn’t involve a lot of strenuous activities that might require some preparation to start safely, you can start the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan right away. If you buy it now, you can already start using its recipes and information to prepare your next meal granted that you already have the ingredients on hand.

No more waiting time that might just convince you to skip the whole diet entirely as it will let you jump the gun as soon as your download is complete.

What’s Included in the System?

If you purchase the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan, you get the following:

  • The Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan guide which contains the main diet program that will let you lose weight.
  • Bonus: The Ultimate Meal Plan guide which will tell you techniques in eating for effective and sustained weight loss.
  • Bonus: The Simple Fat Loss Success Tracker which will help you monitor your progress and even suggest workout routines to help you lose more weight in the process.
  • 60-days money back guarantee

Should You Give it a Go?

Suited for folks who don’t want to stop eating but still want to lose weight, the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan can work for you if you’re willing to eat better instead of not eat altogether just to shed some pounds. As a lot of people fail their weight loss regimens because they can’t stand the food deprivation most diets require, this can be a great alternative.

Since this program isn’t just about losing weight, the Eat, Drink and Shrink Plan can still be a good program for you even if you don’t want to lose weight. It can also be a great way to eat better to deal with health issues. This makes it even more valuable and useful, making it a great health program overall.